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A Short History of Decay

Shout out to my prof Jon Sueda who curated this exhibition!


I’ve been delinquent about sharing news and photos from my trip to New York this week, so here’s the cliff’s notes version: the interview went well and I got the position I was hoping for and I’m moving to NY in two weeks (!!!!!). Photos from the trip to come soon. Probably tomorrow.

In other news: I’m now in Mexico for a few days to ease the pain of last week’s “Polar Vortex” (my soul was crying in 20-below-with-windchill weather) before heading back to SF to pack up my whole life and move across the country before Feb 1. If I pull this off smoothly I’ll be really impressed with myself.

I finally FINALLY won an eBay bidding war for a Yashica T4. It’s literally taken a straight month to get one under $200 in good condition and I’m really happy that I’ll have time to shoot more film now that I’m done with school. Picture-taking will happen post-crazy-hectic moving operation I assume. 

Still freelancing on vacation. Never not working.


Thoughts on Design

Thoughts on Design

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